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Think of 5 years later…

Do you want to stay where you are or want to see a better self in future?

Get ahead in life. Practice the best in industry skills and switch into the career you want. People do 2+ years of coaching and a top engineering college to get into tech. We make it happen in 1-6 months. You’ll learn in a start up and practice on actual product and gain work experience certificate while you are with CoP. Take part in our campus placements. Essentially this is 8 Years cut short to 6 months!

Sail through the start up boom and travel the world! A career in tech unlocks possibilities across the world.


Industrial level training

Things that you learn with us will surprise the people who are gonna take your interview. Leave them amazed with what you know. Manage your work and studies at the same time.

CoP Alumni

Each student will be part of our Alumni network which will keep giving you more and more opportunities to choose from all your life

Super fast learning

Skip Coaching, IITs, IIMs with us. We will fast track your career up to 9 years. Additionally you’ll also learn to build start ups. Thank us later!

What other people say

I struggled to find a job after college . After the coursework with CoP, I had multiple offers and I started to feel my value. It was just 1 decision and hardwork that helped me with CoP’s direction

― Melvin, Zendesk

I had no clue how to find a job in a new city which I moved into. I went through CoP Bootcamp and practiced my way into a new role.

― Krishna, Argus

People spend years and millions to get into IITs and IIMs to become a product manager. Why not learn product management straight away!



millions of job openings in software engineering and product management


100% guaranteed experience certificate or internship certificate as you will be working on real market software products while you learn with us


2 certifications when you train with us. 1 for the coursework and 1 for entrepreneurship.

Your background or age is not a problem

You can be a student, a veteran or even a person looking to switch your job.

Your educational and work background is not a problem. We also accept a few under privileged candidates into our classes for free.

About Us

We are CoP, a place of educational excellence.
We equip you for your chosen field of practice and careers


Singapore, Dubai

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