Code Play for 6-17 Year Olds

Our children will build the future start ups. Lets give them an upper hand right away. We owe it to them!

Face to face coding workshops

On Premises, Online and Face to face live workshops

Face to face work shops help to understand each kid personally

Parents are kept in loop on a weekly basis to provide feedback


Coders from our program will learn to create Start ups and apps with us

Start ups by kids are gaining traction around the world

Fun Coding and Games

Kids will learn coding as a fun experiment and will help them get a new perspective of the world.

Workshops are based on each kids level of grasp and we’ll giving them challenging assignments to see if they can grasp more

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Summer Classes

Android +Entrepreneurship Weekly

Rs. 9000

Weekly 2 classes In Summer holidays – Online and offline

Android +Entrepreneurship Daily

Rs. 25000

Daily classes in Summer holidays – online and offline 40 classes

Kidpreneur Weekly

Rs. 10000

Weekly 2 classes In Summer holidays – Online and offline

  • All prices are in INR and inclusive of GST
  • All Courses are available all year round. Classes start every month 15th.
  • 6 month and 1 year classes start every 3 month
  • Private in house or online coaching available

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is an educational system that modifies the presentation of content/material in response to students performance. Best-of-breed systems capture fine-grained data and use learning analytics to enable human tailoring of responses. We tailor the information based on the ability of the student. If a student is able to grasp a concept faster more complex concepts will be presented to see how far can the student grasp and based on the ability the overall content will be modified. If a student is not able to grasp a particular topic the information will be fed in smaller and smaller capsules till the student is able to grasp it.


Deepanshu is a top coder is Codechef and Hackerrank

Our coaches are ranked high on most code challenge platforms.

Through our workshop each child will learn

  • To design the process to build a start up
  • Create Process to build an App/Website
  • Requirements to build an App
  • Coding and creating App
  • Packaging it and submitting to App store
  • Entrepreneurship

CoPians have lifelong access to Mentors and Peers who are be building similar apps

They face similar challenges and are actively involved in a tech environment. They are able to partner and be co-founders to solutions for the world problems.

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